The school currently offers courses in Music Theory, Composition & Musicianship and Music History.

These courses complement the instrumental studies and encourage our students to dive deeper into the world of music. Students can also enroll if they wish to enter the music world through a non-instrumental path.

For the Music Theory course and Introduction to History of Western Classical Music course there are no minimum level requirements in music theory or experience, only a deep interest and an immense will to learn music. However, for the Composition & Musicianship course and the Advanced Music History course there are minimum requirements, as these courses are designed for students that have already started their musical journey and wish to continue to develop their skills further. Please refer to the specific courses pages for further information regarding requirements.

By attending these courses, students may feel more confident and prepared to apply to external examinations in these respective fields (e.g. ABRSM and Trinity exams).

The application process can be found in our Admissions page. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will get in contact with you to discuss further the courses and to arrange the first lesson as soon as possible.